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July 26, 2014 / Bluemont Civic Association

Results of New Traffic Count Study for Wilson Boulevard

Arlington County has issued the results of its traffic count study for five locations along Wilson Boulevard. The study was conducted in late October 2013 and is linked immediately below.

The study captures day-long and peak hour traffic counts for both east- and west-bound traffic at the intersections of Wilson Blvd. with Abingdon, Greenbrier, Lexington, Larrimore and Patrick Henry. The most recent traffic count study along this portion of Wilson Blvd. was conducted in July 2009 (linked below at Library Item #14).  Notably, the two studies included traffic counts at one common intersection (Wilson & Greenbrier) and reflect a decrease in the day-long count from 16,050 to 15,314 vehicles.

Wilson Boulevard 2013 Traffic Count Study


February 19, 2012 / Bluemont Civic Association

Bluemont Civic Association Sidewalk Safety Task Force

Who we are and what we’re doing . . .

The Bluemont Civic Association (BCA) Sidewalk Safety Task Force is a group of concerned BCA members that is studying options to improve Bluemont’s arterial roads (e.g., Wilson Boulevard, George Mason Drive).  Under our charter, we are particularly investigating different ways to:

  1. make Bluemont’s arterial roads safer and more accessible for pedestrians;
  2. help achieve the BCA’s goal of ensuring that arterial sidewalks meet Arlington and ADA design guidelines; and
  3. allow for the safe, orderly flow of bicyclists, motor vehicles, pedestrians, and transit through our community.

The Task Force is maintaining this website to encourage community involvement and to make its work as transparent as possible.  We will  permanently post on this website the Task Force’s charter and a library of documents and data sources that are relevant to our deliberations.  We will also post the minutes of all our meetings.

How to join us . . .

We meet every third Saturday of the month at 8:00 am at Two Chef’s Pizza (5019 Wilson Boulevard).  Our meetings are open to any BCA member with an interest in the Task Force’s work.  In addition, we welcome other interested stakeholders to share their views and to join our meetings as they may wish.

BCA members who are interested in joining the Task Force should contact Chris Healey ( or Ed Fendley (

Tell us your thoughts . . .

Even if you can’t join us, we still encourage you to tell us your concerns and issues regarding Bluemont’s arterial roads.  To post a comment to the website, click on the comment bubble below.

PDF Documents

(For best viewing results, you may have to upgrade your browser and/or Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

BCA Endorses Sidewalk Safety Task Force’s Recommendations for Handling of “Peck Site” Traffic Calming Funds

 Peck Site Traffic Calming Funds

 The Sidewalk Safety Task Force was requested by the BCA president to consider proposals from Bluemont residents for County disposition of the approximately $127,000 in developer-provided funding for traffic calming and pedestrian safety as agreed as a condition of the redevelopment of the former Peck site at the northwest corner of Wilson Boulevard and Glebe Road.


 The BCA discussed this matter at the November 14th general meeting and the December 12th general meeting. BCA members were notified of the availability of the traffic-calming funds via the November newsletter and the December newsletter. The December newsletter and a December listserve welcomed Bluemont residents to submit proposals for use of the funds. The Sidewalk Safety Task Force considered this matter at its December 8th meeting and its January 12th meeting. More than twenty proposals for use of the funds were submitted by Bluemont residents.

 The Task Force presented its conclusions and recommendations to the BCA at the January BCA meeting. The BCA voted in support of the recommendations at the February BCA meeting, and the recommendations have been conveyed to the County.

 At the December 8th Task Force meeting, participants identified the following factors to be considered in evaluating proposals:

 ++ Proximity to the “Peck Site”

++ Safety risks, and the potential for the available traffic calming/pedestrian safety funds to mitigate these risks

++ Approximate cost of measures to mitigate risks

 At the January 12th Task Force meeting, participants noted that the proposals and comments could be generally grouped as follows:

 ++ Emerson south of Wilson (5 suggestions or comments received)

++ Wakefield, Tazewell, Vermont, and/or 7th south of Wilson, and/or Wakefield & Wilson intersection (8 suggestions or comments received)

++ Harrison & Wilson intersection (1 suggestion or comment received)

++ Hold some or all of the funds pending Peck site build-out (2 suggestions or comments received)

++ Wilson east of George Mason Drive/Wilson & Glebe intersection  (3 suggestions or comments received)

++ Wilson west of George Mason Drive (2 suggestions or comments received)

++Lexington north of Wilson (1 suggestion or comment received)

 Task Force members noted that in offering suggestions to the County, the BCA may wish to specify locations or approximate locations and note potential measures that were suggested, while giving the County and the BCA flexibility to subsequently decide more precisely which measure or measure should be deployed.


 Task Force members agreed to recommend that the BCA propose to the County that the Peck Site funds be used for traffic calming and pedestrian safety measures in the area of Wakefield, Tazewell, Vermont, and 7th Streets south of Wilson, and the adjacent Wakefield & Wilson intersection. It was noted that in making such a proposal, the BCA could share with the County the various specific proposals and comments that were received regarding safety risks, and potential traffic calming and pedestrian safety measures in this area.  The County could then be encouraged to develop a more specific plan for disposition of the funds, consulting with the BCA or neighborhood residents as appropriate.

 Task Force members also recommended that, in addition to proposing the Wakefield-Tazewell-Vermont area for use of the Peck Site funds, the BCA propose that the County consider the following steps:

— Addressing Wilson Boulevard safety concerns via the “Complete Streets” program and other appropriate programs, in line with the previous proposal of the BCA

 — Addressing safety concerns for the Bluemont Junction Trails crossing of Emerson Street by constructing a raised crosswalk, as was done at  County initiative for the Bluemont Junction Trail’s crossinof Kensington Street. It was noted that the County may wish to do the same at the Bluemont Junction Trail’s crossing of Buchanan Street.

BCA Consideration and Vote

The Task Force presented its conclusions and recommendations to the BCA at the January BCA meeting. The BCA voted in support of the recommendations at the February BCA meeting, and the recommendations have been conveyed to the County.


Task Force Evaluates Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Measures

JBG — the developer of the new buildings at the former Peck/Staples site (800/900 N. Glebe Rd.) — has pledged approximately $127,000 in funding for traffic mitigation measures within Bluemont.  The Task Force is working with the BCA and County staff in evaluating possible traffic mitigation measures.   If you have any suggestions, please forward them to the Task Force either through this website’s comment function or by email to Chris Healey ( or Ed Fendley (

See some of the suggestions received so far:

Peck Site Traffic Calming Funds Suggestions as of December 12

BCA Endorses Task Force’s Proposed New Safety Measures for Wilson

At the October 24 BCA meeting, members adopted a resolution, based upon the recommendations of the BCA Arterial Roads Sidewalks and Pedestrian Safety Task Force, calling for a phased reconfiguration of Wilson Boulevard west of George Mason Drive.  The proposed changes will bring better sidewalks and new bicycle lanes, while ensuring the continued flow of motor vehicles.

In addition, the BCA endorsed recommendations to investigate options for improving sidewalks on Wilson east of George Mason Drive, establish baseline data, and maximize public participation as reconfiguration plans are developed and implemented.   Next steps for the Task Force include meeting with County officials to identify program and funding options for implementation of the BCA-requested improvements.  (The BCA issued its resolution following a Sept. 27th Task Force presentation in support of its recommendations.)

Oct 24th BCA Resolution on Wilson Boulevard Reconfiguration

September 27th TaskForce Presentation re Wilson Blvd


Task Force Charter

  1. ARSPS Task Force Charter


Meeting Minutes

  1. January 2012 Meeting Minutes
  2. February 2012 Meeting Minutes
  3. March 2012 Meeting Minutes
  4. April 2012 Meeting Minutes
  5. May 2012 Meeting Minutes
  6. June 2012 Meeting Minutes



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Traffic Volume Charts

  1. Washington versus Wilson Daily Traffic Volumes
  2. Washington versus Wilson Peak Hour Traffic Volumes
  3. Wilson Boulevard Traffic Volumes 1980-2004
  4. Wilson Boulevard Traffic Volumes 1997-2009
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